Why buy packaging materials from a local supplier?


Pyramid Packaging is a value added reseller and supplier of packaging equipment and materials serving Chicagoland, northwest Indiana, southern Wisconsin as well as our national customer base. We provide a complete line of packaging equipment, packaging materials, and packaging service solutions. Buying your packaging supplies form a local distributor like Pyramid Packaging has the following advantages.

1. Stocking Distributor of Packaging Supplies Since we are a local stocking distributor of packaging supplies, we can react to your needs immediately. Most of our supplies like stretch wrap film, shrink wrap, void fill air pillows, bubble wrap and polyethylene bags can shipped the same day or when needed, the order can arrive the same day. As a local supplier, we are more reactive during times of high demand and are set up to provide customers with the best possible service and pricing.

2. Packaging Experience
Our sales staff are packaging experts and have received sales and technical training from leading packaging manufacturers like ARPAC and Automated Packaging Systems. We also provide on-site repair service by qualified technicians, and package design services. Our knowledge is your knowledge and we will educate your shipping and receiving, marketing, purchasing and operation departments on the latest packaging trends and ways to save money on your packaging requirements.

3. Vendor Management Inventory Service
Our company can also manage your packaging supplies inventory. With our Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service plan, a Pyramid Packaging sales representative will be scheduled to visit your company, evaluate your packaging inventory and replenish stock when needed. By optimizing this supply chain performance, Pyramid Packaging is responsible for maintaining the customer’s packaging supplies inventory. This service frees up a customer’s valuable time and resources. Additionally, VMI gives the customer an opportunity to meet with our sales representative on a scheduled basis to discuss any further packaging requirements or questions they may have.


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