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Pyramid Packaging is a supplier of anti-static poly bags. Our anti-static flat polyethylene bags protect electronic devices components from static build-up while keeping them moisture free. Anti-static bags are used to ship electronic components and prevents them electrostatic discharge. If needed, our experienced packaging engineers will work with you to develop a customized anti-static poly bag based on your design specifications (size, thickness, closure type, graphics).

 We supply the following types anti-static bags:

  • anti-static reclosable/ziplock bags
  • anti-static flat poly bags
  • anti-static tubing
  • conductive flat bags
  • conductive bags reclosable/ziplock
  • conductive tubing
  • static shielding bags
  • cushioned static shielding bags
  • reclosable/ziplock
  • available in clear, pink, various sizes and thicknesses

For an anti static poly bag quote, fill out the following form or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.