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Printed Packaging Films

printed films

Plastic films are used to wrap food related items like, candy, snacks, nutritional bars & powders.

Film packaging has several advantages over there rigid counterparts. They are lightweight, easy to print on, good barrier properties and are recyclable & or reusable. There are many different kinds of plastic films and the type used depends on your packaging application. Packaging films start off as plastic pellets. Most plastic packaging films are blown films. Plastic pellets are fed into an extruder where they are melted and ejected through a circular blown film die. The melted plastic forms a continuous tube which is inflated and cooled. The tube is then collapsed between rollers and wound onto a reel. Plastic film rolls can be printed & laminated to optimize graphics, create superior barrier properties and excellent sealing characteristics. Film rolls can be placed on different types of packaging machinery in order to maximize productivity.

It is important for a packaging film buyer to choose the right material for their product.  At Pyramid Packaging, our packaging engineers have vast experience with many types of films and materials used for flexible packaging. Pyramid Packaging is wholesale supplier of printed flexible packaging films. For a quote on printed packaging films, fill out the quote request form or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.