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Stretch Wrap Packaging Films

Stretch wrap film is a cost effective way to package skids so they are secured Stretch-Wrapduring shipping. Wrapping items with stretch wrap offers protection from contamination, pilferage, dust, moisture sunlight (black stretch wrap). Because of of the films elasticity, it keeps items tightly bound like a rubber band. Stretch film is mostly made from linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) which is petroleum based. Its price will fluctuate with fuel cost. Stretch films are either casted or blown. Blown films are strong and have good tear and puncture resistance. Casted films unwind quietly and offer a two sided cling. They are the most popular type of stretch wrapping films.

Pyramid Packaging is a wholesale distributor of stretch wrap packaging films. We sell clear, colored, UVI, VCI, high slip and custom printed stretch wrap. For a quote on our stretch wrap, fill out the quote request form or contact our packaging engineers at 847.272.3400.