Advantages of the FastWrap On-Demand Bubble Wrap System

The AirPouch FastWrap system from Automated Packaging Systems is used to produce on demand bubble wrap commonly used for order fulfillment. The FastWrap system eliminates the need for those bulky bundles of bubble wrap that require large amounts of storage space and are difficult to handle.

The FastWrap portable table top unit is easy to use and is virtually maintenance-free. Simply plug-in the machine to any 110v outlet, insert the plastic film and it automatically produces protective bubble wrap for your packing needs. The table top unit is fast and can produce bubble wrap up to 55 linear feet per minute. Since FastWrap uses ambient air to fill the bubbles, there is no need for a compressor. The plastic bubble wrap material is fed directly from its box thus eliminating the need for an auxiliary feeder. One compact box of FastWrap takes up much less storage than bubble wrap and contains 1,750 linear feet (.3 miles) of earth friendly biodegradable packaging film.

Chicago based, Pyramid Packaging Inc. (est. 1968) is a value added distributor of the AirPouch Packaging Systems. We offer complete line of packaging equipment, packaging materials and packaging service solutions For more information about the FastWrap On-Demand Bubble Wrap System contact us at 847.272.3400 or click here to request a quote and a free ROI (return on investment) packaging analysis.