AirPouch Express 3 Void Fill System


Pyramid Packaging Inc. is a Chicagoland distributor of Automated Packaging Systems‰Ûª AirPouch Express 3 Void Fill System. The AirPouch Void Fill System makes environmentally friendly, on demand air pillows which are inserted into packaging boxes in order to secure items being shipped.

The portable system is simple to use. The system weighs only 35 lbs., uses a standard 110v outlet and does not require a compressor.

Additional advantages include:

  • yield – the AirPouch System fills more space while using less material resulting in reduced shipping cost
  • perforated pillows are easy to tear so they can be easily adjusted to fit different size shipping boxes
  • high speed – the AirPouch System can produce air pillows over 50 linear feet per minute
  • material ‰ÛÒ the AirPouch material is specially formulated with metallocene polyethylene (Dura Clear) which has superior strength and puncture resistant to standard polyethylene materials
  • AirPouch void-fill pillows are available in a variety of materials including EarthAware biodegradable recycled films

For more information about the AirPouch Void Fill System contact Pyramid Packaging Inc. at 847.272.3400 or click here to request a quote.