New Ultra Thin Biodegradable Void-Fill Packaging Film


Automated Packaging Systems has introduced a new, thinner void fill packaging film to be used with the AirPouch Express 3 void-fill packaging machine.

The new EathAware biodegradable, void fill film is only 0.95 mil thick opposed to its 1.5 mil predecessor.

Since the film is thinner, a 1,000 more linear feet of material can be packed in the same size box when compared to the 1.5 mil film. Automated Packaging Systems advanced polymer formulation has increased the film’s puncture resistance and strength. The thinner film also contains an additive that causes biodegradation in 9 months to 5 years, depending on exposure conditions. The thinner film also uses less raw materials making it even more green friendly.

The material comes pre-formed and fan-folded in box that contains nearly 5,000 feet of uninflated pillows, minimizing changeover times and storage space requirements.

For more information about the EarthAware .95 mil void fill packaging film, contact Pyramid Packaging at 847-901-4300 or click here.