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Advantages of On Demand Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is used by shipping departments,mail order fulfillment depts. and 3rd party logistics to wrap a protect items during shipping. Bubble wrap comes in large rolls which takes up lots of storage space and difficult to move around. On demand bubble wrap can be made when needed which reduces storage space. On demand wrap comes in small 20" x 17" box which has enough wrap to create 1,380 linear feet which is the equivalent of a quarter mile of bubble wrap.View the presentation to learn more about on demand bubble wrap.


Advantages of Air Pillow Packaging

Void fill packaging uses material such as peanuts, paper or air pillows to fill spaces in packages. This eliminates the voids within a package and prevents the packaged item from moving around and possibly causing damage. The time spent each day loading stored peanuts, and cleaning up the mess at each packaging station creates quite a bit of work. Additionally clients complain about the mess associated with the both paper and peanut packing material. Air pillow packaging is reusable, clean and is a great alternative to those other types of void fill packaging. Read our Void Fill Packaging presentations to learn more about air pillow packaging.

Void Fill Air Pillow Packaging Advantages

Void-Fill-PackagingVoid fill packaging uses material such as peanuts, paper or air pillows to fill spaces in packages. This eliminates the voids within a package and prevents the packaged item from moving around and possibly causing damage. Void fill paper packaging creates dust & although reusable, most of the time it gets thrown out. Peanut packaging is messy and time consuming. The time spent each day loading stored peanuts, and cleaning up the mess at each packaging station creates quite a bit of work. Additionally clients complain about the mess associated with the peanut packaging material.

Pyramid Packaging is a distributor of AirPouch Express 3 Void Fill packaging equipment. The AirPouch Express 3 Tabletop Void-fill System provides on-demand, easy-to-use AirPouch EZ-Tear™ air pillows for high packing productivity, and reduced shipping costs. Operating at speeds over 50 feet per minute in semi-or fully-automatic modes, the AirPouch Express 3 creates continuous strips of air pillows that are ideal for all protective packaging applications. Simply plug the unit in, load the air pillow material, and start packaging.

The AirPouch EZ-Tear pillows are puncture-resistant air significantly improve protection while reducing packing and shipping costs.  Its perforated technology makes it extremely easy for packers to grab a strip of air pillows and quickly tear off as many as they need. The pillows are specially designed perforations allow more air into each pillow. They are available in 8”, 10” and 12” inch widths. For more information, click here or call Pyramid Packaging at 847-272-3400.


Deciding on a Case Erector

Case erectors are used to either automatically or semi-automatically erect corrugated boxes. Case erectors can save time & money, improve throughput, provide consistently formed boxes and reduce labor cost. If you are using over 500 boxes a day or dedicating a full labor shift to manually erect boxes, then you will probably benefit from a case erector.

There are a few factors to consider when purchasing a case erector. The most important is how many boxes per minute can the machine erect and what are the sizes and types of boxes. For high volume boxing applications, a fully automatic case erector can form, fold, and bottom seal RSC corrugated cases at speeds up to 20 cases per minute. For lower volumes, a semi automatic case sealer may be a better choice. To help you decide which type of erector is best, to talk to a packaging engineer to help decide which machine is best for your needs.

Pyramid Packaging s a value-added supplier of packaging machinery, supplies, and represents Little David case erectors in the Chicago-land area. For more information on case erectors, view LittleDavid's Case Erector PlayBook presentation or click here to contract Pyramid Packaging.

Horizontal Flow Wrappers

Horizontal flow wrappers are used to automatically wrap and seal food products such as baked goods, candy, and also electronic and hardware items. Flow wrapping equipment will form the shape from the roll of packaging film, fill it with the product, seal and discharge the finished package at speeds up to 120 packages per minute. For more information on flow wrappers, view our SlideShare presentation.



UV Protective Bags

UV Protective BagsUV protective bags protect light-sensitive items such as medications, electronics and films from ultraviolet rays and other contaminants. Our Autobag UV protective bags on a roll uses AMBR translucent material that provides 90% UV (a) and UV (b) resistance while allowing the product to be seen though the bag. Our AMBR bags are durable, have excellent printing characteristics and are available in amber and white colors.

Pyramid Packaging is a stocking supplier of UV protective bags. Call us at 847-272-3400 for more information or click here for a quote on your UV protective bagging needs.



Flexible Packaging Equipment


Flexible packaging equipment is used to increase the packaging efficiency of flexible packaging materials such as poly bags/pouches, stretch wrap, shrink wrap, bubble wrap and void fill supplies. Flexible packaging supplies are plastic based films, which are used to package, protect and ship products for an array of industries. Flexible packaging supplies provide several advantages such light weight resulting in lower shipping cost, less solid waste, and requires less storage space over their rigid packaging counterparts. The most common types flexible packaging machinery includes, baggers, stretch wrappers, shrink wrappers, void fill systems and on demand bubble wrapping machines.


Bagging machines come in semi-automatic and fully automatic, which can bag items up to 120 bags per minute.  The bags come on a roll which when added to the bagger improves the bagging process. Stretch wrapping equipment comes in automatic and automatic types. Stretch wrappers secure items to a skid and protects it during shipping and storage. The skid is placed on the stretch wrapper's turntable and the stretch wrap is applied as the turntable rotates. Shrink wrappers are cost effective way to package products items so they can stand out when displayed. Shrink wrapping machines apply the shrink wrap film to the items and a conveyor moves it to the oven where the heat shrinks the film around the packaged item. On demand bubble wrap and void fill equipment will inflate the bubble wrap and void fill films when needed results in reduced storage space.

Pyramid Packaging is a stocking supplier of flexible packaging supplies and equipment. Call us at 847-272-3400 for more information or click here for a quote on your flexible packaging equipment needs.

Understanding Plastic Food Films

Understanding the different types of food packaging films and their applications can be confusing. With names like Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), Cast Polypropylene (CPP), Metallized Oriented Polypropylene (MET-OPP) or Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET), one might think you need to be a chemistry major. Read our "Understanding Food Films" to better understand the types of food films /properties and the types of food they package.

Fresh Produce Packaging Films

Fresh Produce Packaging FilmsRecently vegetable - fresh produce shrink wrapping has become popular among retailers. Flexible packaging films like shrink wraps are used to individually package fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables. Initially one may think it's a waste of packaging material. Individually wrapping fresh produce items provides a number of benefits including prolonged shelf life, and protection from the elements.


Some types of shrink wraps are microwavable making it easier to prepare the food like these potatoes. Most community recycling programs have expanded their recycling items to included shrink films so there's no to worry about polluting the environment. If you package fresh produce, call Pyramid Packaging at 847-272-3400 or click here for more information on the latest advances in food fresh produce packaging films & equipment.

Why Recycle Stretch Wrap?

Stretch Wrap RecyclingStretch wrap also called stretch film is a highly stretchable plastic film. It's commonly made of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE). Because of it elasticity, it keeps skidded packages tightly bound or protects wrapped items from moisture and debris. Warehouses and distribution centers are filled skids and pallets wound in stretch wrap. Once the stretch wrapped item reaches its destination, the stretch wrap is removed where it is either discarded as trash or recycled.


If stretch wrap is thrown in the garbage, it means you are paying to throw away someone else's trash. There's also the guilt of knowing it's going to a landfill where the stretch wrap may take years to decompose. Stretch is wrap is easily recyclable. Once the wrap is removed it can be compacted in a baler so it can be easily stored until enough bales are ready for shipment. The bales could then be sold to a plastic recycling management company. These companies will either resell the bales or recycle the wrap into plastic pellets. The recycling management company will sell the plastic pellets to injection molders, blow molders and extruders.


Recycling stretch wrap can have hefty economic benefits, prevents it from entering landfills, saves energy and makes the world greener for future generations. Companies like the feeling of environmental responsibility especially if it doesn't cost them anything. Flexible packaging products like stretch film should be recycled. It's the right thing to do for business and environment.